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Man Vs. Wild - Men Vs. Wild

This is a promo for Will Farrell’s appearance on Man Vs. Wild

Frozen Planet - Brinicle

Series Producer Vanessa Berlowitz reveals the story behind the famous 'Brinicle' segment.

Deadliest Catch - Sea Of Chaos video game trailer

For the game of the show

Gold Rush - The Gold Rush Aftershow

A peek behind the scenes with the miners themselves.

River Monsters - How To Catch A River Monster

Jeremy Wade takes you behind the scenes of the River Monsters' "Electric Eel" episode.

Shark Week - Shark-De-Yada

A Shark Week promotion based on Discovery's "Boom-De-Yada" campaign.

Mythbusters - Seth Rogan

A behind the scenes look with Seth Rogan on his MythBusters Green Hornet episode.

Finding Bigfoot - What Does Bigfoot Look Like?

Insights from experts on what Bigfoot may (or may not) look like.

The Rising - Lee Lelpi

A profile of the creator of the WTC visitors center at ground zero.

The Secret Of The Last Supper

Curator Mario Taddei reveals one of the secrets from a special exhibition at Discovery’s TSX.

Worlds Ugliest Dog 2009 - Winner Profile

Meet Pabst, the 2009 Worlds Ugliest Dog

American Chopper DVD Promo

Not Shakespeare... not even close

MythBusters - Comic Con 2010 Sizzle Reel

A taste of the coming season for the devoted fans at Comic Con

Team Clinic - Promo

From San Jose CA, this promo is for the areas premiere sports therapy center

Enviromerica - Promo

Medical waste management and compliance company in Hayward CA

Lets Get Lost - App Promo

This promo was created for local PBS station KQEDs new app for exploring the new deal era murals of San Francisco

Don’t Try This At Home

2 Numbers - The Rise of Gmail

The first in a series of videos I edited for New York’s 92nd Street Y in collaboration with Newsweek Magazine

Jackson Galaxy - Cat Mojo Ep 35 “Second Cat”

I cut this episode of Cat Mojo for Discovery Channel’s Discover Digital Networks

Break Down Media - Pitch Sizzle

This is the pitch sizzle for a documentary show that goes behind the scenes of the biggest deals and contracts in Hollywood and the music industry

Lifelock / LemonWallet Press Release

This is the video press release for the Lifelock and LemonWallet merger

IBM White Paper - Transforming Todays Workforce

Edited for On24